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Where is Dirt Factory up to? Here we go…

The team are working on attracting investment and fundraising to launch the UK’s first indoor MTB and BMX centre – in Manchester. We believe the best way forward is to form a funding syndicate.

We have £25,000k of our own money. We are now searching for other parties to build upon that foundation. This could be equity investment, grant money, donations or crowd funding. All pledges will help raise the money we need.

The site we have identified in Manchester is still available, we have the permission to go ahead from the landlord and council subject to our contract – the venue is perfect so we don’t want to see it go.

We have held meetings with private investors, who potentially are very interested, but we must raise capital from other sources before they get involved – they are providing us with ongoing business advice too.

We are now speaking with potential sponsors, we have two meetings lined up already. We are also pursuing Nesta and crowd funding platforms to help raise the required capital.

It’s a big jigsaw puzzle. We are confident that once we receive our first supporters pledge, the rest will start falling in place.


If you know anyone or have any thoughts on our above strategy, drop us a comment below.

Cheers, and big props to all our supporters.


  1. danny says

    When do you feel that dirt factory will be opening i can’t wait to ride this facility with the table tops and gap jumps. Hope it goes well guys keep working

    • dannymak says

      We’re hoping for winter next year. Thanks for the support and keep your eyes peeled for more news soon.

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