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I hope everyone is well. A lot has been going on at Dirt Factory HQ. The whole team have been working hard – we know that as a business we have to be in the strongest position possible for us to attract investment and funding. To achieve this we have completed a number of key supporting documents and updated our website, so if you have not seen it yet, go check out our updated pages at

Now we are in a firm position to pitch Dirt Factory – that is exactly what we have started doing. We have been getting great support from Access To Finance. They have provided us with some really useful contacts and a network of funding opportunities. Access to Finance is part funded by European Regional Development Funds and they offer free impartial support to businesses to raise finance in the North West.

We have a meeting in two weeks time with Regional Growth Fund, grant specialists and a bank – all at once. The idea is to build on our existing support to form a funding syndicate – a collective group of individuals, organisations and partnership bodies to help get Dirt Factory off the ground.

If you guys know anybody or have some ideas on who may be interested in investing and partnering with Dirt Factory then please get in touch, we are always keen to hear from our supporters.

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